Pre Entries Postmarked by June 11th to avoid $25 late fee per entrant, Credit Cards Accepted


**All contestants must check in at the office**


1. DRESS CODE Cowboy hat or helmet, long-sleeved shirt, pants and boots are required.


2. Photos:  There will be Jo H Photography and 321 Action Video free live feed on site.  If you win an award we require you to have your photo taken with the sponsors unless prior arrangements are made.


3. Refund:  Entry fee less office fee will only be refunded with a vet /medical release provided within 10 days from race date.  Refunds will be mailed after completion of race with a vet/medical release.  Horse substitution allowable.


4. American Qualifier Entries:  Must enter online with the BBR (Better Barrel Races) at Online entries will be open June 3rd. You will also enter the Showdown in the Cascades Sunday Open  4D. Only one run will be made, your qualifier run will automatically be rolled into the $2500 Added Open 4D.


5. Open Race:  Standard course 40ft score. 4D Format  ½ sec. split. 


6. Young Guns 4D: 11 & under  $50 added  and 12 - 16 yrs $50 added. Top 5 awards for 11 & under and top 5 awards for 12-16 yrs will immediately follow the Young Guns race on the arena floor.  4D Format  ½  sec. split. Can roll your time to the  Saturday Open 4D.


7. Entries: Must be postmarked by June 11th to be in the pre-draw and to avoid the late fee. With the consolidation of Post Office locations and closing of Post Office Sorting Facilities-please be aware that mail deposited at some postal sites can take 2-3 days to be postmarked. We strongly recommend any payments sent on June 11th be mailed at the Post Office's inside counter with a hand stamped postmark to avoid any postmark delays that could have ramifications we are not responsible for.  


8. BBR $1000 Sidepot:  $1000 added, 5D payout. Must be a current BBR member and provide your BBR #. You can join onsite at race or got to


9. Select Stallion Stakes:  Horse must be enrolled as Select Stallion Stakes progeny. 


10. Payments:  Cash-Check- Credit Card  (5% processing fee for Credit Card) $35 return check fee


11.  Pre-Draw:  Will be posted online June 20th at    


12.  Late Entries: Will be accepted up to the last 20 runs. Late entries are subject to late fees. Late entries, stalls and RV sites , after June 11th,  can use the online entry form until June 18th, then entries will be accepted  onsite at the race office . If pre entered and enter another horse after  June 11th you will incur a late fee on the additional horse. One late fee per rider max.


13.  Exhibitions: Will be in a Group Riding format, 15 min. intervals with 5 spaces/riders available per slot.  $20 per slot.  If the time you select is not available, we will contact you with available options.  No refunds.  Rider can sell their slot to someone else  but must notify the person at the gate prior to your time slot.  After June 18th, Group Riding Slots must be purchased onsite at the gate.


14.  No Time: Contestants will receive a no time for knocking a barrel over or breaking the pattern.


15.  Timers:  Electric timer will be used.  Reruns will be given only in the event of a timer malfunction and penalties will be carried over.  Reruns will not be given for horses falling, contestant’s equipment breaking off for a rider’s decision to pull up.


16.  Drags: There will be a tractor drag after every 5 drawn runs and a big drag after every 50 drawn.  A big drag will be completed after the American Qualifier race and prior to the Open 4D.   Turn outs and releases will be included in the count.  The ground may be reworked at any time at the discretion of The Showdown committee for the safety of everyone.


17. Disqualification: Contestants must be ready when called. Failure to be in position in the holding area will result in a disqualification. Contestants must be in holding pen during your drag. If a horse is run out of order, it will be disqualified.  Announcer will call rider name three times, failure to be ready after 3rd call will be a turnout.


18. Stalls:  Stalls are required for $30 per night.  No overnight tying to trailers or pens per the facility.


19. Parking/Camping:  RV Hook ups are $30 per night.  Parking cards will be issued and must placed in a visible location.  There are limited amount of RV spots so it is on a 1st paid, 1st served basis.


20. Shavings: No outside shavings.  Stalls will include 1 bag of shavings 1st night.  Additional bags can be purchased on site for $10, 12 cubic ft Pine Shavings. 


21. Concessions:  The Rim Rock Café will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday for your convenience.  We will be hosting a complimentary light breakfast Saturday & Sunday morning.


22. Dogs: Dogs must be on leash at all times.  No dogs in the arena.

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