The time has come. After waiting things out, gathering information from local officials and remaining hopeful that the SHOWDOWN IN THE CASCADES would be able to proceed, we regret to announce that SITC is being cancelled.


The facilities board voted to adhere to all requirements issued by the State of Oregon, which therefore do not make our event feasible. We were hoping things would progress in a fashion to allow this event to proceed, but respect the current climate of this situation.


All online payments will be refunded electronically, any checks that have been deposited will be issued a paper refund and checks that have not been deposited will be burned unless otherwise requested. If you prefer to have your check mailed back to you, please email no later than May 22nd and we will be happy to accommodate that. After that date, all checks will be burned in a ceremonial burn to reflect on all the good times we were looking forward to at this year’s race (RIP). 


Thank you to all of the supporters of these events. Until we see you again, please take care.

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